Amazing News for the Bipolar Hot Mess and the Hot Mess Family!

Hope  Xchange

We all know that the Bipolar Hot Mess has always been supportive of all the advocates in the mental health field.  I’ve been working in the mental health field in some capacity or another since I was diagnosed with Bipolar II in 2006 and began to take my recovery very seriously.  I’ve blogged for many websites, have been published in books, and for some of those years, it overlapped with my legal career.  Paralegal by day and blogger by night.  The one thing that never changed throughout all those years was my support of others with mental illness, supporting other bloggers, websites, as well as organizations with everything I can. So, I would like to announce that I am now teamed up with the awesome non-profit called Hope Xchange as one of their newest Strategic Advisers.  I am so incredibly excited to be part of the Hope Xchange team.  It’s going to to be a big change as I step outside of the blogging world and into the day to day workings of a non-profit.  I am so incredibly excited to moving into this direction of my advocacy. This will, however, effect the Bipolar Hot Mess family because new content […]

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Bipolar Brain Block to Cell Block


No matter how much I try, or how many writing prompts or exercises I try, I just can’t seem to write these days. A lot of people suggest to, “write what you know.”  Well, sometimes what I know just gets kind of boring.  It feels redundant.  How many posts can I write about what I’m feeling like today, or what the symptoms of bipolar disorder are, or life with eating disorders is like.  I’m sure that  others find some of the post full of useful information, but, sometimes I just can’t really write about the same old reliable stuff.  I think that what I need right now is something a bit different. It might be time for a bit of a twist; write what I know, but want to know MORE about. There are many issues and topics that I could write more about, but are they topics and things that other Hot Messers want to hear about? Or that they also have experienced?  Women with mental health issues in the criminal justice system seems like a good place to start.  Let’s see: Woman.  Check. Mental Health Issue.  Check. Criminal Justice System. Ummm….. *turns red, stares at the ground, shifts […]

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So, What Do You Do For A Living?

dreaded question post

Whenever I am invited to attend an event, or even just go out in public, there is a certain rush of anxiety that washes over me that remains there all the way not just until the day of the event or outing but lasting all through it as well.  What could possibly be so daunting for me? I mean, I used to be a social butterfly and out and about more days and nights of the week than not. What happened that slid me all the way from one side of the spectrum to the polar opposite? I had a bipolar breakdown. Yes, I understand we all have bottomed out at one point or another.  I had previously bottomed out myself, however, this time was different.  The bipolar breakdown was just the beginning. Two months later I filed for divorce which became very long and drawn out so he could continue to inflict as much psychological damage as possible. And then, to top it off, about two months after I first filed for divorce, I was sent a packet from my employer which fired me and put me on long term disability. You might wonder what is so terrible about […]

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They are Here! Bipolar Hot Mess T-Shirts

bipolarhotmess shirts

A great big shout out to AIR-WEAR Recovery for working so hard to make them look so AHHMAZING!  Each shirt can be personalized so you can pick your color  and style and then the logo you want as well!  Also, for each shirt purchased, a donation will be made to the Bipolar Hot Mess website.  Now, check out these awesome tees and snatch yours up ASAP! I’m so excited about this!  I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time so I’m so happy that we were able to get these designed!  Thank you Mike from AIR Wear! Here is the link for the shirts! Bipolar Hot Mess Wear – Air Wear Recovery   Related posts: The Bipolar Hot Mess 2013 NAMI Walks Team – Chicago style! Amazing News for the Bipolar Hot Mess and the Hot Mess Family! How Hot Mess Really Became “The Bipolar Hot Mess”: The story of how I went from a paralegal with a bipolar diagnosis, to mental health advocate with a catchy name The Bipolar Hot Mess Favorite Things Post for Tues May 7 The Bipolar Hot Mess Gets Interviewed by YOU Pt 2

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Adventures in the Psych Ward

funny psych hospital stories

I was reading the book Manic, by Terri Cheney and I got to a part in her story where she is describing a visit to a psych facility.  Ms. Cheney was describing it with such vividness, it brought me back to 10 years ago; the first group of my hospital visits .(I’ve had 3 of them, 2 were within a 3 months period and the last one was about 7 years later at a different facilities) It brought me right back to the room where we ate and did our art therapy. It not only included that, but the memorable people, stories, disasters, catastrophes, victories, and milestones came along with it. I felt like I was in a time machine and had been thrust back, Back to the Future style. I would bet that most of us who have been in a psych facility at some point in our lives for a significant period have a tale or two of some adventures that we will never forget.  Adventures that at the time and in that moment were not funny, but felt like we were on the show Survivor, just trying to stay alive and make it out of there without […]

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Barbie can have a brain too!


There was a very big stereotype that Barbie, you know, the perfectly figured blonde haired beauty was just that, outter beauty. She wasn’t known for being smart or intellectual. Every girl not only wanted a Barbie doll, but they wanted to be Barbie. Why? Well, Barbie had this incredible “dream home” a silver corvette, a gorgeous boyfriend named Ken, not to mention all the fabulous clothes and accessories. Her plastic world looked so good, little girls couldn’t help but want to be just that. And the marketing. Well, they sure did a hell of a job because you couldn’t watch any children’s tv show without seeing a commercial for the latest Barbie or Barbie dream life addition: jacuzzi, jeep, jumbo jet etc. Ladies, try to think back to when you were kids.  Was there this big of a hype for Nancy Drew? Didn’t think so. Can you think of any other female that had such a huge influence on girls growing up? Well, looking back on that, and then thinking about guys and how as they became adults, Hugh Hefner and his beautiful blonde arm candy became desirable to many men, it’s easy to see how the two sort of […]

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