25 Times You Shouldn’t Apologize

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me??!!!!!!  We are not encouraging the rudeness of the already rude society we currently reside in!!!  I saw a woman on the bus reading that article and I nearly fell off my seat due to pure shock, disbelief and horror.  I think what we DO need is an article called 25 Times YOU SHOULD Apologize.

Lets start with an easy one.  #1- when you bump into someone, knock someone over, step on their toes, body check them, or BODY SLAM them. This includes hands, feet, shoulders, elbows, bookbags, briefcases, canes, walkers, strollers, AND shopping carts.   I will also accept “Excuse me.”

#2 – When you are on a packed train or bus and you smell badly.  Yes. You should apologize for making us all smell whatever the scent is because we are probably gagging or dry heaving the whole way to or from work.

#3 – When you say you are going to call or write and you fail to do so.  You must apologize to the intended recipient.  Its just plain rude.

#4 – If you are ever in the unthinkably ill-mannered situation of the “no-call  no-show.”  There should be profuse apologies.  If you are a repeat offender, be prepared to be cut from social invites.

#5 – When you make a mistake.  Stop making excuses and passing the blame.  Throw on your big girl panties, take some responsibility, and apologize.  No one ever died from saying “I’m sorry!”

#6 – When you hurt someones feelings.  Yes, people other than you have feelings and sometimes you do hurt them.  You may not realize it at the time and you may not mean to, therefore, an apology is in order.

#7 – When you do something that is just plain stupid.  Like end up in jail, or lose all your money gambling.  Yes. You need to apologize for acting like an idiot.

#8- When ever the female in the relationship is PMS-ing, men, you must always just say you are sorry and move on.  Unless of course you want to get your head torn off and thrown to the lions!!!!!

#9 – When you see a girl crying.  Yes. She wants a hug and wants to hear “I’m Sorry.”  So do it and then move on gents.

#10  If you forget a birthday, anniversary, or other major holiday, that constitutes a HUGE I’m Sorry! (Men, if you get the age of the female wrong, there is no size I’m sorry that will help you.  You are in too much trouble)

#11 – ya know….. I think everyone gets the idea.  Common courtesy.  Common sense.  Politeness. Manners.  thats what we need!  I mean, where did they go??!!!  Who stole them?!  When did rude and ignorant become the new black??!!!!  Sorry, its not 25, but these will get society started…….

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