How the Hot Mess blog came to be

August 4, 2008

Soooo… today I experienced something so rare, but commendable, on the CTA today. A man got up from his seat when he saw a pregnant woman standing. KUDOS to him! There are still some gentlemen alive!

Second. A man in the elevator asked me how a girl so tiny could carry so many bags. I nearly jumped for joy. How did he know that my weight gain last week from starting new meds was getting me down?! Regardless, that made my morning!

Then.. last night,  I was sitting around watching a movie with my beloved, perusing Facebook to make sure my friends were still alive after the weekend, when SUDDENLY… from above… feel down upon me. I had an epiphany!!!!

I have decided to keep my daily musings and funny tales/tales of woe, comedic experiences, etc, in this blog but I have started another blog to dedicate to my bipolar side of my life. (Only makes sense..two extremes, two blog???!! NO I”M KIDDING on that one) But, I have made another blog (it is a blank page currently, so when i actually have content on it, I will let someone know.) But, it will pretty much chronicle different times of my life, some journal entries throughout, maybe some of my poetry, i may include some of the artwork i did while in therapy, and it will be open for comments, advice, resources, information from others who have bipolar, or know someone who is, or those looking to understand a friend or loved one who has this. It sounded like a great idea last night, so we will see how it turns out. So for all my fans out there…. or fan (Thanks Bizzle!), do I have fans????? anyway…. if ya want more info on that one, just let me know. But for now……. THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEK. I CAN FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!

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