This poem, was pretty much one of the first poems I wrote. (Well, I may have written some on scraps of paper that I may or may not find in boxes somewhere, but this is the first one that is dated and written on the first page of my first book dedicated to my poem writing.)  I think I was 13 or 14. This is also probably one of the first actually written acknowledgements that I have of my extremely depressive feelings.

Anyway….. here is the poem…

All alone
In the sky
without any worries
or having to wonder why.
All alone
in my room
With no one to turn to
But the shade of doom
All alone
On the street
Trying to find my way
By just following my feet
All alone
In my heart
With no new guy to turn to
Or no new relationship to start.
All alone
On my own
Trying to get by
While being alone.

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