Another Chapter of Public Transit Woes……

Oh boy. So, as these events were taking place, I had the blog all written out in my head. But, then…..there was an unpredictable turn of events. One that I did not see coming (as I was sitting behind the event and could not see people faces or expressions) So…. this little tale may be a bit rocky just because I am a little shocked and surprised at the results but yet, makes this story even more worthwhile to tell! 🙂

As all you folks know, my train commute is about 40 minutes or so each way. I get on the train at one of the very first stops that is usually packed with a lot of surburbanites and then it gradually fills up to the point of sardines in a can, then empties out at the first stop in the loop (when I get off 2 stops later). This morning I decided to forego my usual Soduko routine w/ my iPod and was quite excited to continue reading my book from last night. As I sit down, I notice that there are 2 girls about to sit in front of me and a 3rd girl getting ready to sit in front of them. I pull out my book and read the first line when suddenly, girl number 3 (we will call her Little Miss Bigmouth exclaims to girls 1 and 2, Hey! How are you! Sorry I can’t talk so well, I went to visit school this weekend and I lost my voice. (yea…what a liar….I wish that were true…she did not lose her voice!! That would have been a miracle!) So, Little Miss Bigmouth asks girl #2 where she is going to school. (Girl #2 points to her sweatshirt that reads “DEPAUL UNIVERSITY”) Little Miss Bigmouth laughs and tosses her hair behind her shoulder. (NO SHE IS NOT BLONDE!) So, I proceed to read line 1 again in my book. Little Miss Bigmouth starts up again. Going on and on and on and on and on and on…. about sorority life at U of I and where she lives and how $675 a month for her and all of her friends for rent is ridiculous! (Sister, you can’t touch a place for you and all your sisters in the city for anything close to double that!!!) and then on and on about how it’s so unfair that she has to work during the summer and it’s so boring. By this time, it is about 25 minutes into the trip, I have read only 2 lines because every time I try to start, she is droning on and on so loudly that no one can even hear themselves think. (I also notice that I don’t even think Girl #1 or Girl #2 even have a voice because they have not even uttered one word this entire time, or if so, it was so quiet I couldn’t hear it).

Meanwhile, a man has gotten onto the train and plopped down next to me with his coffee and Red Eye (the Chicago Tribune’s digest version of their newspaper). He reeks of alcohol (despite the ironed clothes and wet hair w/gel) and I think he is hoping that the coffee will sober him up. However, despite his attempts, he keeps listing and falling over onto my bad arm, so I guess Dunkin’ Donuts did not do the trick for him this time.

Anyway…back to Little Miss Loudmouth. I realize that my reading attempt is fruitless, so I put on my iPod and try to filter her out. As the train fills up, I notice more and more people standing in the aisle giving her glaring looks too. (Guess I wasn’t the only one looking for a peaceful ride into work and now annoyed) I looked out the window and see we are approaching the first stop in the Loop. Whew, almost free of this debauchary and anxiety producing commute.  I take out my earbuds, turn off my iPod and begin to pack it up when I hear Little Miss Loudmouth yell..

“My god!!! This whole travel, like, an hour, like, to work, is just so ridiculous!!! I mean, honestly!!! Why would someone do this????  I mean, why doesn’t everyone just, like, live 2 minutes from the office??? I mean, my dad does. This is sooooooooo inconvenient for me. I mean, I waste TWO hours a day traveling and I could be doing much more important things, UGHHHH!!!!! Why do I have to work over the summer!!! This is soooooo lame!!!!!”

I noticed that not only me, but about 8 other people were now looking in her direction, not to give her the “I’m gonna beat the shit out of you” type of look, but the “you poor poor sheltered, undeniably spoiled, naive, stupid, fantasyland living, pathetic girl. Just wait til college is over and you really DO live this life” kind of look. We arrive at her destination and she gets off.  Thank god!  I have some time of silence to clear my head before I have to get off the train and fight the crowds through the platform, up the escalator, thru the turnstile, up the stairs and onto the sidewalk where my office building entrance would be waiting  at the top.


Girl#1 and Girl #2 look at each other as soon as Little Miss Loudmouth gets off the train and let out a huge “WHEW”.

Girl #2 (DePaul Girl) says..”I CAN NOT BELIEVE she even said hi to me, let alone babbled on for an hour. She wouldn’t even say hi to me when we were in high school.”

Girl #1, “I know, seriously. I can’t believe she is freakin’ about her rent like that. That is SOOO cheap. AAAnnnnd I have been working summers since I was like 16. I don’t know what she is complaining about.”

Girl #2 (DePaul) “I mean, really, she has totally defined the typical stereotype for a sorority girl. Most people ask what school you go to and what your major is, not what school do you go to and what sorority are you in.”

At that point, I truly hated to part because I wanted to hear more of their thoughts, but that was the end of my ride and this was my stop. So, it started out terrible, but then, I got a great big chuckle when these two girls that Little Miss Loudmouth appeared to be BFFs with, were really girls she never gave the time of day to, and were expressing all the same feelings I had and I hadn’t even known or met her, just had to listen to her! 🙂


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