BOOK REVIEW: Fall Girl by Marybeth Smith

Fall Girl is a fantastic fictional piece written for teens that includes an accurate depiction of a high school girl and her teenage angst while her her bipolar brother reeks havoc on her life. Not only was this wonderfully written, but the book was not an account of a bipolar teen and their life, but instead, how siblings of a bipolar teen can be affected.  Though fictional, Blake’s character holds true to a teen with bipolar.  All the characters were developed so well and the scenes so realistic, I felt like I was back in high school all over again and that I was Annabelle.  This book was fantastic and I hope there is a sequel coming.  I must know what happens next!!!!  I give it 5 AMAZEBALLS stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to obtain a copy of the book and a brief description!!!!

Annabelle’s bipolar brother has screwed up so bad, their father has decided to move them across state. If she wants to convince her dad to stay, all she’ll have to get past is an angry ex, his attractive best friend and keep from getting caught while breaking the law, or it’s hello new high school.

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