Bringing in the New Year Hot Mess style!

Every year at this time, December 31, we have the tradition of making New Years Resolutions.  You know, things we want to do in this new year to better ourselves, like working out more.  So for the first few weeks of January, the gyms are all packed to the max, then as February rolls in, the crowd starts dwindling, and by March, its the same crowd that was there prior to January 1.  We seem to make these resolutions, but don’t really stick to them.  We start off all gung ho to hop right in and immediately make ourselves better and because we jump in with such force and make such huge changes all at once, we seem to tire out and fade away from those resolutions.

Maybe this year, we need to set resolutions for each month.  Then we aren’t overwhelmed with new things and can gradually implement the changes.  Kind of like dieting and if you suddenly go from meat lover to vegetarian, it’s only a matter of time before you are craving meat sooooo badly that you just pounce on the first steak you can get your hands on.  If we make gradual changes to our diet and slowly reduce the amount of meat and increase the veggies, we are more likely to sustain it.  Thats how we should approach our New Years resolutions.  Not an “all in one day total transformation” but a gradual progression to make sure that they stick. Then, we can get rid of all the guilt we feel for failing to meet our resolutions……again.

So, this year, let’s resolve to make our resolutions more realistic and “doable”. 🙂

What are the Bipolar Hot Messes resolutions?  #1 – to get out the Hot Mess Holiday cards finally!   #2 to work with my new organization management team on getting caught up with my paperwork and bills (which reminds me, my team of 1 is coming off of sabbatical starting tomorrow so go on and visit  and #3 to continue my baby step method toward getting past the bad and seeing the good that is all around me.  To appreciate the good things and good people and make more of an effort to show that instead of letting the past continue to haunt me.

Happy New Years to everyone in the Hot Mess Family!  Have a safe and happy holiday! Lets make 2014 a record breaking year for us all!


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