Casey Anthony.. A computer and a dog???!!

Am I the only person who thinks that this video of Casey Anthony is incredibly disturbing????  This 4-minute video has her sitting there telling us all how thankful she is that she finally has something she can call her own (“her new computer”) and how happy she is to finally have something that is just hers and that she can take with her.  She then goes on to talk about a dog that she adopted.  Who the hell would let her adopt a dog?? I’m sorry…

In this 4 minute video she goes on and on about nothing but her possessions and how terrible its going to be having to stay where she is until February or March.  The basis is how important these possessions are to her.  Does this sound like someone who is sad that she has lost a child?  I would think that at some point in this video she would have mentioned the fact that while she has all these possessions, it can’t replace the loss of her daughter; or the adoption of the dog will provide her company but will never replace Caylee.  or SOMETHING, even one tid bit or mention of how things are different or something about her deceased daughter??????

A diatribe about a new computer and possessions does NOT sound like someone who is even remotely phased by the circumstances that have surrounded her.

Oh.. and my very favorite line of the whole video was when she was describing how she felt doing these video diaries and she says “I really don’t like being in front of the camera”…….  CHEEZE AND RICE…… I nearly reached through the computer and smacked the bitch.  Doesn’t like cameras….. what a joke.

What do you think of this video?    I want to hear your opinions!!!!

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