Cause I Walk With A Limp, Like An Old Skool Pimp……

Yes folks.  I am going to be doing a walk!!!!  The last one I did for breast cancer was a few years ago and now, well, I think its time to do one for another cause that hits even closer to home because it affects me!!!!  We all know that I am not a runner, or a walker, or do much physical activity that breaks a sweat.  I’m more of a yoga/pilates girl, but when it comes to something that I believe strongly in, I am willing to break a sweat.  I mean, its the least I can do when these organizations are busting their back and racking their brains to come up with ways to make certain services available to people like me, and for research to find out more about the illnesses that affect our minds.  I personally have benefitted from a lot of things NAMI has to offer me and the mental health community.  So, I will be walking this year in a 5K  (yes, I didn’t know how many miles a 5K was and I had to ask hahaha) on September 18, here in Chicago.   I will be walking not only for myself, but also as team captain for my site Ask A Bipolar.   If anyone would like to walk with me, please either let me know or sign up through the link below!  Also, if you would like to donate, you can also do that by clicking the link below.  I want to thank you guys for reading and supporting my blog!  Hopefully you can support me in this endeavor as well!!!!!


~Pocket Christi~


Yup…. I own shoes that aren’t heeled, platformed, wedged, or in some other way, shape or form unsuitable for exercise! 🙂

(and who doesn’t own at least ONE pair of Chucks??!!)


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