Time For A Change….

I decided last week that I needed a change. While contemplating what type of change to make, I made a hair appointment because the color was looking a bit stale. After the call, I realized, what better change to make than to cut my hair! I haven’t had short hair since college and this would be a great way to start fresh, both me and my hair.

I was going to go with shoulder length when suddenly I remember how good things started to happen and it seemed as though I was starting to change my bad luck after I donated some money to a friend who was going to be running a marathon for cancer. I really didn’t have the money, but I knew that she had trained hard for this and had a lot of tragedy recently in her family due to cancer and wanted to support her in her endeavor.

It  then hit me that I could donate my hair to Locks of Love. I know it is a great organization because my sister gets all of her wigs from there. Many people have been inspired by my sister, including my mom, and have donated. My hair was just never long enough. However, in order to donate, I was going to have to cut my hair REAL REAL short. Was I ready for the change? Could I handle it? I mean, this isn’t something like ok, you change your underwear and it doesn’t fit right so put on another pair. If this doesn’t look right I am stuck with it until it grows out. But, that was the key phrase for me. IT WILL grow out. The people who get the wigs from Locks of Love won’t grow hair, at least those with Alopecia (like my sister) wont. So, even if it doesn’t look like I want it to, I at least know that my hair is going to someone who really wants hair and will cherish it.

So, I took the plunge.

Got it cut really short.

And now, I have been nicknamed at the office…………

Haircut after I donated to Locks of LovePosh. Yes. Posh.  As in the Spice Girl.  David Beckham’s wife. Katie Holmes sidekick. Posh. Ironically enough, that was the picture I brought in to show the cut I wanted. But, not only have people commented on the cut, when they ask why I chopped it off, i say I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love. Word has spread like wildfire that I did it for a cause and I have people coming up to me all day, even people I don’t know telling me how awesome that was or telling me stories of how they did it too. And you know what…..even if I don’t get the good karma from it, I already feel great about my decision because I know I am helping some person out and I can go home tonight and tell my sister that I met a whole group of people who have donated to help you and your alopecia friends get your wigs and the fact that she will be so excited and will spread the word, is enough good karma for me.

Makes me feel like even though bad things have happened, I can still find happiness and turn things around and things could always be worse. I mean…. I could have NO UNDERWEAR THAT FIT!

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