Closing the Door

The last bag is packed, the boxes all taped
Every thought about every mistake
I look around the cold and empty room
No longer home, the bride leaving the groom

There’s suddenly no air, my lungs, I can’t breathe
My legs begin to tremor so I can not leave
The desyncappated beat of whats left of my heart
The pieces of my life scattered, all broken apart

Close the door, drive away, all the tears fall
Not going back, this means the end of it all
Open each box, out pours the scent of what was
The world becomes a blur, the sounds only buzz

The wedding dress let’s tear to shreds
The toasting flutes to toast a life that is dead
Smash all the memories til you no longer bleed
Wash away the stains of a life you no longer lead

Take all the boxes, throw it all away
Don’t leave a single memory of that day
Not the years before, not the years after
Not the pain and tears, not the smiles or laughter

Erase any feelings, any love that I had
Throw away devotion , being there through good and bad
Destroy every box, every moment we shared
Erase  any evidence that I ever even cared




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  1. in love with the line:

    smash all the memories til you no longer bleed / wash the stain of a life you no longer lead

    thanks for opening up to the world. all my shit is in my journals, which I have a blog for (that I haven’t started lol) but I’ll probably skirt the issues and stick to the art, knowing me :/