Musings from an old journal…. timewarp back to 2007…..

Grrr…. always thinkin….. but, I guess its good to think and get it all out rather than keepin it all in and building up. I just can’t focus tonight and I can’t sleep because I know I have homework that needs to be finished. I read a page, then re-read the page, then move on, but my mind keeps wandering…..
I would love to be a fly on the wall. Or, kinda like the movie freaky friday where you are pretty much walking in someone elses shoes. Just to get a different perspective of things. Or to see what someone is REALLY thinking….there is so much deception and dishonesty in our world, you just don’t know anymore. Who do you trust? Who do you believe? What do you believe? What are they omitting?
grrrr… too many thoughts, I can’t even sort them out right now, but I do know that this world is full of shady people and shady things. I guess we just have to suck it up and learn to deal and learn to pick out fact and fiction because that’s how its going to be. I know that I am not shady. I treat people like I want to be treated. I want honesty and genuine caring, so that’s what I give…I just wish others had the same philosophy. That’s what we get for living in a selfish world.

Thats all I can piece together right now………………..maybe there will be more later…. hopefully I fall asleep before then, but ya never know…. I got a rush of excitment today when my doctor was happy about my progress and i was happy and things seem to be going really well, that I am now really hyper and excited.

I want to celebrate my wellness, but, who do I celebrate with? anyone? anyone? bueller?! who wants to celebrate my progress?!!!!!

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