Emotions cause our body pain?

Yes.  They actually do.  I just found this AMAZING chart that shows where our body feels the pain of the different emotions.  Think of the last time you were so angry either at someone or about something.  Did you stomach hurt?  When you have a lot on your mind or have so much going on, almost like the “weight of the world on your shoulders,” do your shoulders hurt?  When you are afraid of something, do you feel discomfort at the top of your stomach, or near your ribcage?

I never thought about it before, but looking at this chart, I found that it is pretty accurate.  When I feel those types of emotions, I feel either pain, discomfort, or some other weird feeling in the areas shown on the chart.  Its amazing how our emotions can affect us physically like that.  Does this ring true for anyone else?????


**This diagram was taken from the Facebook Page called Breaking Crayons******



Here is another chart that I got off Facebook today!!!  Very interesting!!!



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