Even more favorite things for surviving the bipolar coaster

A traditionalist?!  ME?!  I THINK NOT!  So when it comes to therapy methods, you better be creative.  Like right now for instance.  I just started physical therapy and become I am hyperflexible (which is what caused the degeneration of the discs in my back etc.) the standard exercises will not work for me.  So, off my therapist goes to do some research and to get creative with my therapy routine.  Sometimes that is just what we need to do for ourselves.  Maybe CBT or DBT aren’t cutting it.  So, try taking a bit from each and meshing it together.  Add in a few other things that make you feel good and either calm the anxiety or mania or boost the mood from depression, and you have your own tailor made therapy plan.

I could live in a bookstoreThis month, for Mental Health Awareness Month, I have been posting about my favorite things to help break the ups and downs of the bipolar cycle and turn it into a more smooth sailing ride with a mini pothole here or there.  What is today’s favorite?  BOOKSTORES!  I love bookstores.  I can spend hours and hours in them, getting lost in all the information and all the magical lands of fairytales and bliss. Ever since I was a little girl, my dad and I would make trips to the bookstore together and we would be there for hours on end.  It didn’t matter what section we perused, there was always something to catch our eye.

Then the internet came along.  Then Amazon and their Kindle.  Soon, all the bookstores we had so frequently patroned were closing down and the bookstore was beginning to become obsolete.  Even the ones downtown were closing down.  Borders closed their doors.  What were we to do????

books all around

USED BOOKS!  THOSE bookstores were still around!  In fact, they were probably gaining even bigger selections because people were parting with all the paper and coveting their electronic readers as their escape into all the different fantasy lands the paperbacks used to bring.  Yes, I do have a Kindle, but nothing can beat the smell of a paperback book.  Or library books.  Even the libraries have scaled back on their collections and made their card catalog research method a thing of the past and switched over to computerized card catalogs and researching.


But even though the electronic era has been taking my beloved pages and making them a lot less readily available, I still find extreme comfort in  flipping through the pages of a book, still find the smell of the pages soothing, still enjoy getting lost in the world that the author creates.  Granted, its a hell of a lot harder for me to focus on a book now that it was before, and it takes me like 10 times as long to finish a book than before, but reading a book is so soothing to me.  It helps me escape from my own trials and tribulations and brings me into someone else’s drama.  For the fleeting moments that I can focus, I get lost in a world created by someone else where my own problems and issues don’t exist, where I don’t exist, and can pretend that my own life is carefree and the only problems are the ones written on the page.

Bookstores and books.  Those are another one of my unconventional therapy techniques to simmer the raging cycle.  The bonus… used books are a hell of a lot cheaper than a trip to Borders, thats for sure!


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