Everything you need

Into my life you appeared from out of the blue
You were there for me when I didn’t know what to do
I was lost and spinning into the ground
Sweeping me up, suddenly I’m found.

Bringing me smiles and the spark in my eye
Wiping the ever flowing tears that I cry
Opening my heart to a feeling so new
A friend by my side that I fell in love with too.

All I do is think of you
And wonder if you think of me too
Staring at pictures, remembering your touch
Missing you, wanting you, oh so much

I miss the laughter and the warmth of your smile
You’re gone, you’ve left, but I’m still in denial
I’m wishing to hear your voice on the phone
Saying you love me and that you’ve come home.

My days feel empty, my heart hollow and blue
Smiling only when I get to talk to you
I’m a better person with you by my side
You’ve given me reason to no longer hide

So come home to me, let me be everything you need
Let me be for you, what you’ve been for me
We’ll face the world together, never alone anymore to cry
Smiling and laughing with the sparks in our eyes

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