Fairy Tale

Once upon a modern time
I met the man to forever be mine
He glanced my way, we became friends
On our way to a love that never ends

As friends we grew, good times to treasure
Hoping and dreaming it will last forever
Then the evil came rushing along
This was the test, is our love strong?
He became my hero, in shining armour my knight
Defending my honor, putting up a fight.

Right then I knew, he had to be mine
Thats all I needed an unmistakable sign.
I fell for him, he swept me off my feet
And in my heart frew a love so deep
My deays are now filled with smiles and laughter
Hoping this will end happily ever after.
Because you are my life, my destiny
Take my heart, take all of me.
My real life fairy tale, a dream come true
Is being together, forever with you.

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