Financial Woes……

So, I’m sitting here chilling out, watching some Friends when I receive a call with a “blocked number”.  Against my usual practice of sending the call to voicemail, I actually answered the call.  It’s from a process server.  He is trying to serve me a summons for something.  I immediately think, “What in the name of all things holy is this soon to be ex-husband trying to pull now”.  So, I ask the gentleman for more information, like who is suing me, and why but all he could provide me was a case number and a phone number.  I immediately call the phone number and find out that its for a credit card that I had an outstanding balance on.

When I made my last payment last year, I thought that had cleared the balance to zero.  Apparently there was about $500 on it.  So this kind man tells me that he can save me the money on the court costs if I pay $1,400.  UMMMMM how does it go from $500 to $1,400?????? Interest and late fees for a card I thought had a zero balance on.  Where in the hell am I going to find $1,400 by next Wednesday????  I just paid out $350 for new tires because some asshole slashed one of them, another had gotten a slow leak, and there was a flat from earlier that day due to the lovely City of Chicago and their potholes.

I, also very kindly, explained that I had just gotten out of the hospital and have been on disability for quite some time and if I paid that amount, I would only have enough left to pay for my medical insurance.  Now, slightly in tears I ask if there is a payment plan of some type that I can set up so that I can resolve this.  The kind gentleman called their attorneys and said that if I made a payment by October 31 of $400 and then by November 30th paid $500, they would settle the case for $800.

Frustrated I said isn’t there another plan?  He said, “Well, you can pay $400 by Oct 31 and then every month after that pay $200 until the $1,400 is paid.  I think to myself, “if I am having financial difficulties, why would I have to pay for the full $1,400 and if I wasn’t financial strapped because of hospital bills, psychotherapist bills, prescriptions, health insurance, my divorce attorney, etc..”  I asked him why I would have to pay the full $1,400 if I am making an effort to pay the balance and due to financial constraints I can’t pay that much.  So, because I’m financially in a funk, its ok to charge me $500 extra?????  Shouldn’t they be happy that at least I was making the effort to pay even with my financial hardships?

It’s amazing to me how our illness can impact even things like this.  Punish the ones who can’t afford and reward
the ones that can.  (Like they need the discount!)  So, I guess I’m going to be stuck paying the full $1,400 in $200 payments to avoid going to court.  I have now come to despise the courtroom so any chance I get to avoid it, the better!!!!  Damn you money!

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