Having such a public lifestyle, and yes, I knew that when I started this, I get a lot of opinions, suggestions, and advice on where I should go from here with my life and my blog and my love life.  You name it, I get the advice.

Please don’t get me wrong. I appreciate ALL the advice and suggestions and opinions from everyone. I truly do.

That said, many of you know all the struggles I have gone through, my legal issues, my divorce, my back surgery, the 5 back procedures after that, and the list goes on, but those are just the major highlights that have left my life where it is today. Which is:

  • one bachelor’s degree in criminal justice (no longer can be used)
  • 2nd bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies (can no longer be used)
  • one year of law school (can no longer be used)
  • 8 years experience as paralegal in top Chicago law firms (can not be used)

Which then brings me to 2012, January, I have the breakdown of my life while at my law office.  I high tailed it to my psychiatrist’s office who was only blocks away who gave me a note that I was to go on leave effective immediately. I knew though, that the second I handed in that note whether it was short term or long term disability, it was going to be the end of my stay at that firm, and ultimately in the legal field.

I wanted to be part of the legal field for so long. I got 2 degrees and was going to law school to be part of it. That’s a huge investment, I mean, 1 year of law school is a minimum of $40K. I would never have intentionally done anything to jeopardize something I loved so much UNLESS I thought I was doing it to protect SOMEONE that I LOVE(D) that much. I loved everything I did working in the legal field, even the attorney who threw books across the room at me, reviewing medical records, preparing for trials.

I LOVED IT AND I MISS IT!!!!!!  But, I can’t go back.  And to answer your questions, No, I can’t get it expunged or sealed because it’s one that can not be sealed or expunged and the legal field won’t take you.

So, I lost my dream career and I got divorced and had the back surgery.  It’s time to start a new chapter of my life.  So, I registered for 2 journalism classes.  I figured I like to write, might as well learn to write better right?

This has been met with very mixed reviews.  Many think that because I have 2 degrees that I don’t need another one, some say I’m just wasting time and hiding, some say they are excited.

The fact of the matter is getting degrees in legal things and getting a degree centered in writing and publishing are two totally different things for one, but secondly, and most importantly the only way that I can move on from my past and that dream is to start this brand new one, completely brand new.

Everyone wants me to get my shit together,  I’m trying and this is the best way that I know how.  I tried so many other ways and none of them worked.  Why not try this? This is the only way I can really leave the past behind and start fresh.

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