How to be “cool” the Chicago Way ?….

OR, not.  More like “How to Be a Disgusting Excuse For A Human Being As Demonstrated By Chicago Teens.

I just read this article on the Huffington Post ()  These teens found a 62-year old father of 12 hunting for aluminum cans to help supplement his income to support his family.  They beat him up and stole the $60 he had on him.  Not only did this do this atrocious act (which is actually not so uncommon in Chicago), but one teen actually used their cell phone to video the entire incident and laughed through it.  REALLY???!!!  Pummeling an innocent man to death is FUNNY??????  Not only that, but when questioned, a family member of the chile who videoed the incident said that the family was saddened by the event, but  “He did not hit him, he was just videotaping what was going on and laughing about it.”

UMMMmM SO that makes it ok????!!!!!!  Really?!  The man that was beat didn’t even have full use of one arm because of a work related accident.  So beating up and stealing money from someone who is 3 times your age and can’t defend yourself makes you “cool”?????  And posting the video on Facebook?  You want people to praise you and want to receive recognition for doing something horrible to someone?!!!!!    What kind of world are we living in when killing others is encouraged and glorified?!!!!  Unbelievable.

Is that all?!   NO!  How about this……  You are standing on the street and a limo pulls up, some people jump out and start punching people in the crowd while the people inside the limo video tape the incident.  They were in the process of filming a rap video when apparently they got a little sidetracked and had to jump out of the limo to break someones jaw (among other injuries).  (Check out the story here: )  Can you imagine just minding your own and suddenly a limo pulls up and people jump out and start throwing punches.  What the hell?!  Are we not even safe in any neighborhood in this town?!  What is it that makes people feel better about themselves by punching out people????

I think this city needs a whole lot of anger management classes.  Seriously.  Every resident should have to participate in anger management and I think that Anger Management should be a new class offered in every high school.  Its not just adults that are engaging in this behavior, but teens.  If they are starting this behavior as teens, then it seems pretty likely they will continue the behavior as adults.  Its truly sad that things that seemed like common sense to me and things I was taught were wrong as a child seem to be common behaviors for teens today and they don’t seem to think anything is wrong with those behaviors!!!!!  Does anyone else feel this way??!!!

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