I am

The perfect me will never be
I am all I am
I’m all that you see
I talk to much and cry a lot
I am happy but sometimes I’m not.
I have bad days just like you
I try to make them just a few

I can’t help the cards life throws
But I try to fix them as fast as I can you know.
I have insecure moments, everyone does
But you have made me better thatn I ever was

Maybe I love you more than I should
But when I am with you, I know its more than I ever could.

I try to be your perfect one
To not be so emotional and to be so much fun.
But I am who I am, I’m all that you see
A fighter, a comedian, and a hand when you need.

I try to let you be so free
While yet keeping you close to me.
But with you my life feels so complete
When you are around I’m warm and fuzzy from head to feet.

I’m not perfect, no one is
But I always try hard to give you all I have to give
I give you my heart, my trust, and my love
I give you all of me, my angel from above.

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