Its Never Too Late

George Eliot said “It’s never to late to become what you might have been.” Thanks Mr. Eliot for trying to give me hope, but I might have been able to fulfill my dreams as a model if my parents were taller, but that would mean i would either a) have had different parents and then not looked like I look or be who I am and then maybe I wouldn’t want to be a model or b) they would have had different parents, which would make them different which may mean they may never have met, and i might not have been born, in which case, this whole conversation is just a moot point because I couldn’t become anything nor would I might have been anything IF I DIDN”T EXIST.

I’m sure this is not quite what you intended by this interpretation Mr. Eliot, and I do understand the true meaning, however, it doesn’t seem to apply to the situation I am currently experiencing, my attempt to find happiness when all seems to have been lost. But, I will hold on to your thoughts and keep them in my back pocket…along with all the other tips, advice columns, talk show segments, doctors recommendations, friends and family dissertations…actually…it isn’t even a back pocket anymore, its a Unicorn backPACK. And people wonder why I carry such big purses these days!

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  1. Mr. Elliot is full of shit on this one.