There are many ways to fight.  There are arguments between people and there are individuals fighting against things.  We fight against illness, we fight against feelings, we fight against our own judgment.  Today, lets fight against our inner demons and lets fight for wellness.

Anorexia and Bulimia took over my life for many years.  If I could go back and take back all the time that was spent absorbed in my eating disorders, I would have so much more time and memories and I would be healthier!!!!!  Physically and emotionally.   People don’t realize how much eating disorders take over your life.  Its not just “not eating” or “eating and throwing it up.”  Its so much deeper than that.  Its not just thinking “I’m fat.”  Its a complete warp of your own perception and thinking due to some other deep rooted issues.

I found this video and it touched me.   Lets fight back!


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