Living Wills and Living Won’ts

Another look back at the past and I touched upon this gem.

Reviewing my daily calendar (who has been quite neglected and was left at July 9), it gave me an idea. The Bad Girls Rage A Day Daily Calendar summarized their living wills in today’s calendar entry: I will tell you how your butt really looks in those, I will laugh loudly at your dorky jokes so people think you’re funny.

Their living won’ts: I won’t borrow your favorite jeans if my butt looks better in them, I won’t screen your calls, I won’t tell you how to live your live. So…. I thought I would come up with my own for my friends and followers.

Living Wills

  1. I will be there when you are having an emotional crisis over having to wear your fat pants because your belly is too big from the lil one growing inside.
  2. I will be there for you when you are in a drunken stupor and can’t remember where you are. (as long as I haven’t taken my nite meds yet and am knocked out cold myself.  I will try to keep the phone handy!
  3. I will be honest and truthful with you, even if I am not in agreement with your color choice in your new home.
  4. I will keep your secrets!
  5. I will continue to call you my favorite nickname for you at all times!!!!!

Living Wont’s

1. I won’t date your ex’s or your current boyfriend(s). I have my own thanks. But, in the event my boyfriend gets lost and we are separated for some freakish reason, I still won’t date your ex or your current boyfriend(s). OR HUSBANDS!!!!!!!!!!

2.  I won’t write on your face with a permanent marker if you are passed out on a couch somewhere at some party. I will use eyeliner or lipliner instead. (JK) I doubt we party like that anymore, but I promise not to if we do! 🙂

3.  I won’t be a backstabber or a hater! I won’t abuse our friendship and I won’t get mad when your express an opinion, even if it doesn’t coincide or agree with mine.

4.  I won’t forget all of our classic moments and best memories! (I WILL make sure to bring the most embarrassing ones up in front of new boyfriends/husbands though! 🙂 hee hee)


Now you all make yours for you and your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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