Lost Love

Everything was fine, when I met you 6 months ago
We were happy and in love, we let our feelings show.
But then I left for school, and things got out of hand
The laughing started to dwindle and was replaced with demands
I became so crabby and always so irate
It wasn’t you that caused me to look in the mirror and hate
Then my eating diminished and my weight started to drop
I got crabbier and angrier, I just couldn’t stop.
I thought it would be better when I went home for break.
Thinking things would be normal was a big mistake.
My weight dropped even more and my anger and crabbiness increased
The one I hurt the very most was the one I wanted to the least.

I went back to school. The best is what I hoped for.
The only thing that changed was that I crumbled to the floor.
My eating habits worsened, I was out of control.
Stomping on my one true love, pushing him in a hole.
Looking back I see how mean I have become
Cold hearted and cruel, an evil side of me has begun.
My baby has done nothing, Its me who is to blame.
Please forgive me baby, things just can’t be the same
I’m writing this to you, to say how sorry I am
But baby this is goodbye, you can no longer be my man.
I didn’t want to do this, but I don’t deserve to be with you
You’ve been nothing but caring and supportive, and kind-hearted too.
You deserve much better, someone who won’t treat you so bad
Who will appreciate the things you do, and not get way too mad.

So goodby my baby, the time we spent was great
But I’m afraid to make things better, its just a bit too late.
I will always love you, don’t forget that’s true.
I’ll love you for eternity. Goodbye my love. Adieu.

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