Lost My Soul

My heart is bleeding into my soul
Look what you did! YOU made that hole
You never look at me, always look past
I’m not invisible, yet I always come last
I am alone everyday, even when you are near
My soul aching so badly, it has one huge tear

Do you even know me?  Does that matter to you?
Do my feeling even count? Do you know what you do?
My rumpled body, the tears in my eyes.
All my love seeps out while my heart cries
I ache all around from trying to figure out why
Why am I unloveable, why do I just want to die?

Tired of being an assistant to life and its game
Deflated continually, my accomplishments lame
My life, my heart no longer matters
Crouched in the corner, my insides in tatters.
Why don’t you see you stole my whole soul?
Threw it in the dirt and covered that hole.

Why don’t you care that my heart bleeds from within
That your ignorance and self absorbtion put my head in a spin
The room won’t stop moving, I’m spinning around
My souls disappearing,  i need it..i need it to be found!!!!


originally written 10/25/11

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