Man I Love

I woke up this morning with you by my side
Inside your arms I wanted to hide
Its there I feel so safe and warm
Its there I feel no one can do me harm
I turn to you and what I see
Is the man I love, who is everything to me
He makes me laugh and makes me smile
Brings me happiness like a little child
I kiss his cheek and hug him tight
My heart warm and fuzzy, a feeling so right
Thinking of him throughout the day
And how I love him in every way
I love his jokes, his laugh, and his smile
I even love the way he performs at trial
I love our adventures and sleepless party nights
I even love those silly little fights
The way he holds me when I’m not feeling well
The way he feels, only his eyes can tell
My love for him grows deeper everyday
I love him so much, no words can even say

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