My Angel

You came to me from out of the blue
I was broken and tattered with a heart torn in two

Where did you come from? You didn’t say a word
You put your arms around me and immediately I felt cured

Your laughter and smile make me laugh and smile too
You’ve made me want to be better not just for me, but also for you

I want you to feel happy, cared, and loved by me
Since that is just the surface of what I feel, it’s my heart, you hold the key

How do I know that I feel that way and that it’s for you?
The second I wake up I check to see if my phone has anything from you.

My head is constantly filled with thoughts of you and me
Butterflies and smiles thinking of what lies ahead; can’t wait to see

I miss you when you aren’t around, but that absence makes me hold my feelings strong
Do you miss me at all like I do? Or are these feelings so completely wrong?

I don’t care what anyone says, every day I know you I’m caught more in a love haze
You are my angel, for you have saved me and healed me in so many ways

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