Oh What A NITE!

Yes ladies and gents, what a nite it was.  My bestie,, is now officially married!!!!!!  What a wedding it was.  Absolutely beautiful in many ways.  For me, it was most beautiful for me to see her smile with the sparkle in her eyes.  I have known her for about 7 years now, and I haven’t seen that sparkle in her eyes since, well,  I can’t even remember when.  That’s what made it so beautiful to me.  She was just so happy and radiating so much happiness and love and excitement, that there is no way anyone could have been feeling anything BUT happy and excited yesterday.  Being around her the whole day while getting ready and on the way to the church, her happiness was infectious.  Sure, it was mixed with nervousness, as it would for anyone, you know…the usual “I hope I don’t trip while walking,”  “I hope I don’t forget what I’m supposed to say,” “I hope I don’t do anything embarassing,” kinda nervous, but that happiness and excitement just made me even more happy and excited FOR her.  I mean, that’s what love is all about right?  Being happy and excited and radiating over being able to spend the rest of your life with the one person you love the most.  No matter how much emotional drama and other relationship ups and downs I was feeling, or anyone else may have been feeling, there was no way that you could be feeling down on Saturday.

It makes you think.  If one person can find that much happiness after experiencing so much negativity and so many things holding her back and pulling her down, then couldn’t everyone?!  I think the answer is yes.  I think she proves that!!!!  So how do we do that????  Well, this time, I think its time to let Mrs. L. be the one who teaches ME a lesson instead of the other way around.  What she taught me is that no matter how bad of a hand you have been dealt, how much crap you have put up with, and how much you think things will never get better, THEY CAN!  We just have to be brave enough to tell ourselves that it might be hard at first, but we can find the happiness we want and deserve.  We don’t have to settle and we definitely don’t have to tolerate and withstand being treated like crap.  There truly is something or someone out there that will put the sparkle back in your eyes, that will make you smile from ear to ear, and will make you radiate so much happiness that those around you can’t help but be happy.  Its the truth!  Sometimes we have to be so brave and strong, and take a huge step, one that we never thought possible, one that may end up hurting really badly, to find that happiness, but it will come.

This doesn’t have to apply solely to love, but to anything.  If you have an addiction of sorts, it may make you feel bad because you can’t break it.  Continuing the habit makes it feel better for a while, but then you feel worse after because you want to quit and can’t.  Then you do quit and the first few weeks are hell.  You feel like complete and utter garbage because you aren’t relying on the habit to make you happy and don’t know how to make yourself happy.  But after sometime, you get used to not having the habit anymore and you begin to find other things that make you happy.  All it took was the bravery and courage to decide to stop the addiction.

So, Mrs. L., you not only taught ME the lesson this time, but you taught us all a lesson.  You make your own happiness.  Sometimes you have to do extremely hard and painful things to get rid of the bad, but the good that can come from it, makes it all worth it in the end.  In this case, you have a man that loves you and that you love as well, and a little peanut on the way.   Time for all of us to make our own happiness too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats to you Mr. and Mrs. L!  I luff you guys and thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day, especially with the honor of being in your bridal party.  I am proud to have been by your side and to have had your back on that day Mrs. L!!!!! 🙂

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