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I not only post on this website, but have had the honor of being interviewed and given the chance to write guest posts for other websites.  Here are the links to some of those posts. I hope you take a look at the websites that have hosted these pieces as well.  They all have great messages and incredible amounts of information that we all can learn something from.

I will continue to update as I have more opportunities to be interviewed or to post more on other websites.  Until then, here are some of those links.

Article Written by Kevin Hines

My Interview with the Manic Youth website

 My guest post for SIOutreach on self harm

Will it? Will it always be this way?


My Interview with David Susman, PhD

Musings of a Mental Health Hero


My Podcast with Voices of Change and Rebecca and Joe Lombardo


My Stigma Fighters Guest Post

Stigma Fighters: Bipolar Hot Mess/Christina Huff


My Psych Central Guest Post for Gabe Howard


Ask A Bipolar

I also happen to be President over at the Ask A Bipolar website. This was the website that gave me my start with mental health writing and blogging.  While the most recent months I have had a more administrative role, I still write on occasion, and do have a lot of posts which address some great questions published there.  Here are the links for some of those as well as the link to the book that has been published by Ask A Bipolar! You can get a hardcopy or a version for your Ereader! (And it’s rated 5 stars on Amazon!!!!) click
here to order!

The Best of Ask A Bipolar

Just click the pic to go to Amazon!


My Doctor Recommended Wellbutrin, but I’m Not Sure I Wan’t To 

My Interview With Julie Fast, author of Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder, Part I

My Interview With Julie Fast, author of Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder, Part II

How Do I Cope With A Non Supportive Family

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Bipolar Disorder and the Holidays)

Transitions…. How Do You Feel About Them?

On The Upswing…….. I Think

Is This Really The End?

How Often Is Enough To See Your Doctor?

Take A Vacation Doc??????

Surviving The Sinking Ship

How To Make A Bipolar Relationship Last

Newly Diagnosed With Bipolar and on Lithium

Is The Romance Doomed? Can Someone With Bipolar Disorder Be Reasoned With?

Terminated For Requesting Leave of Absence For Bipolar Disorder

Our Identity Yet Again

Living With a Bipolar Person

Another Break Up

An Artist In Us All

My Best Friend Is Off His Meds and Acting Weird.  What Can I Do?

Has he avoided me and convinced himself that he doesn’t want me anymore for his own sanity?

Is It Legal to Take FMLA From A Full Time Job Until I Can Get Effective Treatment From A Part Time Job?

What would you recommend for a person who thinks they are bipolar but can’t get her doctor to diagnose her?

Is it better for your coworkers to think you are depressed or just stupid?

Interview With Marya Hornbacher

What can I do to help without hurting her feelings

More Information on the Baker Act

Teaching Other People About Bipolar Disorder

Coping with a Bipolar Relationship

So What Do WE Do??

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Not Diagnosed Bipolar But Still Have Rages and Sabatoge Relationships

A Day In The Bipolar Mind

If you had the choice to not be bipolar anymore, would you?

New Diagnosis

How has Ask A Bipolar Impacted My Life?

Paying For Medication

What Can I Do So Others Don’t Suffer From My Attacks?

Who’s REALLY the Expert?

Have THEY Been Reading Too?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2011

What is the best way to handle bipolar in the workplace and who do you tell?

D-Day is quickly approaching. Did you order the cake or stock up on tissues?

How do I find online or in-person support groups?

Manic Depression Cycles

5150 Involuntary Psychiatric Hold and Anorexia

Have You Ever…

My Best Friend Is Pushing Me Away And Being Self Destructive

How To Stay Afloat – Self Care Reality Check

Self Medicating and Denial

How Did I Solve The Mystery? My Diagnosis Video

Career Options and Bipolar

How do I deal with the hatred I have for my mom and my sister?

.Tthose are just some of the posts I’ve done for Ask a  Bipolar.

International Bipolar Foundation

Previously, I was also a monthly blogger for International Bipolar Foundation, here is the link to my short bio here and below are some links to other pieces published originally by International Bipolar Foundation’s website.

Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder

July 2011 Is Bipolar Disorder The New Black?


August 2011 – A Day At The Office


September 2011 – STIGMA


October 2011 – Let’s Stop This Charade


January 2012 – Stormy Waters




December 2012 – Rejuvinate

I was also published in the book that was published by International Bipolar Foundation called Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder.  If you would like a free copy of this book, you can click here to order it.  Its free!  And has lots of good info!!!

Other Works For Other Organizations

I have occasionally submitted other posts to other websites and such.  Here are some of them:

This is a post on using the arts as a form of therapy and healing.  Feelings On An Internet Server Rather Than Inside of Me

I was also nominated by my peers and through Chato Stewart of Psych Central’s Mental Health Humor, a  Mental Health Hero 2013!!!!



Here are a few links:

Mental Health Hero 2013 Website
-My bio

BP Hope Magazine








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