Party Girl

I went to a party
What did I see?
This one lonely girl
Staring back at me.
Her shoes were clean
Not one speck of dirt
She had boot cut jeans
And a nice preppy shirt
I looked at her hair
As it surrounded her face
She looked up and smiled quickly
Then hung her head in disgrace.
Why was she alone?
I didn’t understand
When all of a sudden
Someone grabbed my hand
“Don’t stand by her
She’s such a big nerd.”
Her head then snapped up
I guess she heard.
She ran out the door
Guilt swallowed me whole
I ran after her.
There was a nagging in my soul.
She had tears in her eyes
She wiped them on her sleeve
I asked her why
She was in a hurry to leave
She looked at me and said
“What do you care?
You’re popular and smart.
It’s just not fair!
Nobody likes me
I’m a nobody at school
I wish for once
I could just be cool.
I tried it tonight
By coming here
Very big mistake
Only brought me tears”
“Listen” I said
As I reached out my hand
“Come back inside
But dance, don’t just stand.”
She followed me
And everyone turned
They snickered and laughed
But there’s one thing I learned
The girl in the corner
Just didn’t see
That one day long ago
She was me.

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