Player In The Game

You were my hopes, my shining star, my everything
You were the one who was going to complete all my dreams
But In the middle of the night everything came breaking and crumbling
They took you away and there I was. Alone. In shock and stumbling

But I stood by your side, for better for worse
In sickness and health, I was there, I was your nurse
When you shoved me aside to be with the ones who suddenly came back one day
Yes I cried, and was broken, but deep inside my heart and soul I knew that I couldn’t walk away

I stayed with you despite the broken pieces inside
The rage and anger buried away. keeping hidden all the tears I cried
All my dreams crushed before my very eyes, but i trusted in you that you would make things right
So I believed, stood by your side, fought for your dreams, every step of the way together we’d fight

Then you left, gone for so long. I was lonely and broken, but tried to be strong
Keeping the house the best that I could, but no matter what I did, it wasn’t enough, I was always wrong.
Phone calls and letters, holidays by myself, watching everyone’s lives moving forward, my soul crumbling apart
You came back to me, a different man, so angry, then before I knew it you moved away for several month and just completely broke my heart

In sickness and in health, we promised, me and you, you must have missed those words, or else you never meant them at all
I became so sick, so damaged, my world crumbled around me and I could barely even get you to give me a call
I’m dying inside, I’m a hopeless mess. You are nowhere around, I should have known just selfishness at its finest
It didn’t matter I stood by your side, watched my dreams crumble now have nothing left of me, You are just the kindest.

I gave up my life to be by your side, to support you and love you when the world looked so bleak
But when I needed you most you ran and hid. You left me empty and grasping for help I would seek
So here I am crying inside and out. Hating you and loathing your self absorbsion and pure lack of emotion too
I clearly mean nothing, I’m just a player in your game, well this game is over, its time for you to find someone new.

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