Possessions. What do they really mean?

As I have been going through my closet lately and pulling out the things that I am selling to help supplement my income, I have found out a lot about my views on possessions.  Many say that possessions are just that and nothing more.  To me, my possessions are not just things, but memories.  Each article of clothing has a story behind it, whether it was an event I wore it to, or where I purchased it, if it was a gift, who I was with when I purchased it, etc.

 My possessions are similar to journals.  Each one means something to me.  By getting rid of that item, I feel like I am going to lose that memory too.

When you have so many down periods, you do all that you can to hold on to the good times.  Some people use pictures, some people just use their memories.  I use those, but I also use my possessions.  Like some blue fleece pullovers I have.  They remind me of a time when I was happy and felt loved and remind me of someone who was such an important person in my life.  I can’t part with them, but yet, right now, I can’t really look at them because they make me sad.  A certain zip up sweater that I got at a thrift store but will not get rid of because someone who was important to me for a long time loved that sweater and loved when I wore it.  A purse that was bought during a road trip to visit someone.  A necklace that was given to me by someone as a token of good luck. I thought I had lost it and was devastated.  While cleaning out my closet, I was digging through my old purses and I found it! After I found it, it seemed like my luck had changed again for the better (at least for a while it had).

Many people have had a hard time understanding why I have so much stuff.  I’m not a hoarder (like my ex used to call me, believe me, I watch the shows on TV and I am no where anything close to that) but I have a hard time parting with my things because I am just so afraid that if I part with them, the memories will leave too.

Does anyone else feel like this??????

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