Push Back

You look at me as I walk through the door
Your eyes light right up as I walk across the floor
The smile on your face as I reach for your hand
Makes me feel like a princess in a far away land

My soul comes alive at the mention of your name
I’m finding the strength to fight back in the game
But just as I notice all the love in your eyes
You throw out a jab, and out of your mouth fly the lies

You keep pushing me away, I keep pushing back
I put up my arms like I’m under attack
I see in your eyes, all the love that runs true
But one day you’ll push me too far away from you

I fight back with avengance because I know you are afraid
Too many games on your heart have been played
I am the real deal.  Genuine 100 percent
My heart beats for you, my love doesn’t cost a cent

I see through your pain like you see through mine too
Your iron exterior doesn’t keep me away from loving you
I’ve seen a glimpse of your heart and you’re all I want and need
Let me love you like you deserve and support you while you lead

Stop pushing me away,  even though I push back
My arms might wear down while I’m under attack
I may see in your eyes the love that runs true
But there may come a day you’ll push me too far away from you.

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