A World Outside of You

You walk along with your head so high And runaway when you see me cry You can’t see anything outside of you Because in your world, #1 only walks in your shoes There’s a whole world just open your eyes People in your life are hurting, thats no surprise Get out of your head, this isn’t a dream Everyone around you is breaking, hear them scream? No you don’t hear the screams, do you want… Continue Reading

Where I’ve Been…. You sure you want to know?

Having bipolar sucks.  Thats all I have to say.  No matter how much you try to pretend it isn’t there because you are taking your meds and doing all you can to maintain stability.  There is always something that creeps up and literally beats you over the head and rips out your insides to the point it makes you crazy. So, right now, here I am, completely ripped to shreds.  I thought I was rebuilding… Continue Reading