Mental Health Awareness? Oh yes….

This post was originally posted on another site last year, but has been taken down, so I thought I would post it here.   Oh yes I am very much aware of my mental health.   I am very aware that I take a handful of meds each morning and evening in an attempt to maintain stable mental health.  To stabilize the bipolar cycle, to boost the depression, to reduce the anxiety levels, to make… Continue Reading

Stormy Waters – January 2012 IBPF Post

How do you deal when you go from being so completely stable and feeling better than you have in years, to hitting rock bottom with your whole world crumbling around you, walking in the door to work and handing them the note from your doctor instructing them to put you on leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) effective immediately?  You haven’t been like this since you were first diagnosed five years ago and… Continue Reading

What happens if……

So, here I am, things are starting to go well in my life.  (I know, I knocked on wood, several times).  The worst is behind me, or so I hope, and I’m moving on.  I’m elated at the thought of that, who wouldn’t be after the last few, ok last like 10 years, have unfolded. But then I suddenly began to panic. Why? Well what in the hell could I possibly blog about if unbelievably… Continue Reading