When I’m Sorry Is No Longer Enough

Sometimes in relationships, the words “I’m Sorry” begin to lose their meaning. In some cases, can begin to mean nothing when we keep using them so flippantly as a quick band-aid, but then don’t follow through and change those actions or behaviors. In many situations, you can be saying I’m sorry, all while knowing that those words don’t mean anything to the other person anymore.  It’s just an “auto fill” statement that comes out when… Continue Reading

Why I Hate Hollywood……yet can’t stay away *sigh*

They are liars.  Yes folks.  They lie there.  They make these movies and make these characters that are just too perfect.  Then, we watch these movies and when our life doesn’t compare to the perfection in their movies, we are miserable.  Hollywood makes us miserable because we are trying to attain the illusions they put in front of us.  Thats all they are!  Illusions.  The movies are supposed to make us feel good, supposed to… Continue Reading

Kick ’em when they are down, the only way to survive?

Last night, I experienced a major, MAJOR blow. While I was experiencing a very emotional time in my life and was already hurting and upset about events previously that night , I reached out to someone that “claimed” they cared about me.   I explained my situation, but the response I got, was so far beyond belief of what I could have ever expected to roll out of the mouth of someone who “cared” about… Continue Reading

Yup. Defective ………..

I was born defective, only nobody knew it then.  It wouldn’t become evident until later, when I was in high school.  My mind, my heart, and soul were always in this very sad, dark place.  Nothing could cheer me up.  I couldn’t keep friends (and honestly, I don’t even blame them looking back.  Who wants to be with someone that is constantly a downer?), I believed I was fat and ugly, had many crushes but… Continue Reading

The End of Us

Who knew that after being one of the very few people standing in your court, backing you up when everyone else is running away from you like you are the one in flames standing in a barn full of hay, that the joke would really end up being on ME!  Ironically,  I would somehow be the one on fire and you would not have a fire extinguisher, or even a bucket of water, but you… Continue Reading