Is the Hot Mess REALLY a Mess?

“I’m a mess!” When I first began talking to CJ, I warned him. I told him that I was a mess, a walking disaster, and if it wasn’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. He didn’t believe me. I picked him up from the airport for the first time. Between baggage claim at O’Hare and my car in the parking garage ready to head off, I think “we” (meaning me) lost… Continue Reading

Me? An Inspiration?

Lately, I have been receiving emails, messages, and other comments from individuals telling me that I have inspired them, or others in various ways.  In good ways. I think it’s incredible and such a great, positive thing because I love helping others, and am quite flattered and in awe that my thoughts and opinions have been so useful.  Yet, it still doesn’t sink in to my brain how I could have possibly been an inspiration… Continue Reading