Barbie can have a brain too!

There was a very big stereotype that Barbie, you know, the perfectly figured blonde haired beauty was just that, outter beauty. She wasn’t known for being smart or intellectual. Every girl not only wanted a Barbie doll, but they wanted… Continue Reading

Ahh yes. I forgot. I’m Really A Doormat!!!!

Ever feel like a doormat? Like everyone is trampling all over you, using you to wipe their wet shoes, stompin off the snow, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, someone comes wiping nasty shit all over… Continue Reading

Me? An Inspiration?

Lately, I have been receiving emails, messages, and other comments from individuals telling me that I have inspired them, or others in various ways.  In good ways. I think it’s incredible and such a great, positive thing because I love… Continue Reading