So, What Do You Do For A Living?

Whenever I am invited to attend an event, or even just go out in public, there is a certain rush of anxiety that washes over me that remains there all the way not just until the day of the event or outing but lasting all through it as well.  What could possibly be so daunting for me? I mean, I used to be a social butterfly and out and about more days and nights of… Continue Reading

Is THIS all there is????

If THIS is all there is to life, then I would like to see a copy of the contract or would like the receipt so I can get an exchange.  Am I going to be waking up at the crack of dawn to get some work in BEFORE work, then working 8 hours (to be able to bill the client for 7) only to go home and work another 4 hours on either work stuff,… Continue Reading

All I want is my Reese’s…

With all the ridiculous crap that is going on in my personal bubble these days, suddenly deciding it would be a brilliant idea to change my name to Tina seemed necessary. It all happened so quickly while sitting here in my office.  So excited about the new name change, I wanted to celebrate by going one floor upstairs to the lunchroom to hit up the vending machines as visions of devouring the package of Reese’s… Continue Reading

Bipolar Hot Mess Anger Management

There comes a time when you have to realize that certain people that cross your path are just idiots. They will do things like piss on you and try to tell you its raining. So, here is a lesson in Hot Mess Anger Management. When you finally realize that they are complete idiots and you probably should just write them off, instead of writing them off you… you write them on…. THE IDIOT LIST…. The… Continue Reading