The “WTF Is Happening” Phase

Initial Chaos I can’t speak for everyone, but right before I was diagnosed with bipolar and the weeks and months after, there was A LOT of chaos. When I talk about chaos, I talk not just with me, but with my friends and family too. One minute, there I was, sitting in my office Bates stamping documents for a document production for one of the cases I was working on, the next, I was in… Continue Reading

That same haunting question…

It has become a theme as I read through old journals and poems and pages of notes I’ve scribbled through the years. That same thing I believe many of us with any kind of illness constantly asks ourselves. What did I do wrong that caused me to get this? I have one journal entry where I write: I have always tried to be nothing but nice and do the right thing, and 20 years later… Continue Reading

The Big Fall

There once was a girl who had it all But when she had it all thought she had nothing Time passed on and older she grew She met a man, fell in love, and thought she was something Things changed as the months went by Everything inside the girl gradually went awry Old habits came back and weight she lost But all that weight came with a cost She became depressed, but had no idea… Continue Reading