Dear Mr. Itstime Tomoveon,

Dear Mr. Itstime Tomoveon, I regret to inform you that it really is not a good idea to call someone 10 years after they have broken up with you to ask if they are still mad at you; especially when upon said break up, you stalked them for months and months and made their life so incredibly unpleasant they moved miles away without a forwarding address to get some peace. To be quite honest, I’m… Continue Reading

Little Girl with Fairytale Dreams

  Girls, do you remember when you were little, (and by little I mean toddler to grade school and maybe even later, who knows…) and you would have all your daydreams and fantasies that you would act out with your barbies.  Some you might even act out yourself and play dress up.  In those fantasies you were this beautiful princess with this beautiful fluffy and elegant white dress and you were getting married to the… Continue Reading

Public Transit Etiquette

After many years of taking the CTA (public transit) in Chicago, I am getting completely disgusted! The rudeness, the inconsiderate ways and mannerisms, and countless other complaints of the other passengers is making the glitter slowly combust inside of me. Since my daily commute requires me to take one bus to one  train each way (minimum) I have developed my own wish list of “Bipolar Hot Mess CTA Rider Etiquette,” that I established after almost… Continue Reading

Hot Mess Gets Interesting Email This Morning

I received this email, a chain email of course, that had some pretty interesting facts. I put some of my own commentary after some of the facts.  I really couldn’t stop myself because some of these things were, umm, I don’t even have words to describe them.  You’ll see. Have yourself a read.   In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with… Continue Reading