Better from here

  I opened the door of the empty home The silence echos, another night alone Walk up the stairs, turn on the light Far too often, yet doesn’t feel right Turn on the TV, its the same routine The haze in my mind makes it all feel like a dream My phone begins to ring, your name staring at me Instantly I’m smiling and leaving behind the insanity My world gets brighter when I know… Continue Reading

This site is more than just my own rants

This website is far more than just a platform for me to bitch, whine, complain, and publicly rant and rave about my life, my illnesses, injustices, and my own personal causes. Sure, this site did start off as me just posting my random thoughts on completely random things, like public transportation, office dramas, Hollywood catastrophes and celebrity mishaps, and just some plain old funny things that happen to me daily (I’ve always said if it… Continue Reading

Without You

A day without you is like sitting in the rain Drenched and heavy, feeling so cold each drop causing pain A day without you makes me so empty inside So hollow, so worthless, ┬áits like a part of me has died When we are together, I feel like I’m whole and complete All the happiness that was missing came back in a sweep You make me laugh and I’m a better version of me When… Continue Reading