The “WTF Is Happening” Phase

Initial Chaos I can’t speak for everyone, but right before I was diagnosed with bipolar and the weeks and months after, there was A LOT of chaos. When I talk about chaos, I talk not just with me, but with my friends and family too. One minute, there I was, sitting in my office Bates stamping documents for a document production for one of the cases I was working on, the next, I was in… Continue Reading

Is Bipolar The New Black?

I wrote this a few years ago as my first blog post for International Bipolar Foundation. They have updated their servers, so only a few of my more recent ones remained, but, I did want to give credit to the original posting of this. Gosh I hope not. In the last few years, the headlines in newspapers and magazines have been flooded with reports of celebrities having bipolar disorder, criminals having bipolar disorder, even headlines… Continue Reading

Dear Friends, I suck.

Dear Friends, Yes.  I admit that I have become a shithead lately.  I have crawled into a cave and found myself a nice cozy blanket in there.  No, it’s not warm in there.  No, it’s not fun.  No, I don’t want to be there, but it has become my self preservation and coping mechanism.  If I just stay in the hole, this too shall pass right?  Well, it’s kinda lonely in there, and I’m letting… Continue Reading