Without You

A day without you is like sitting in the rain Drenched and heavy, feeling so cold each drop causing pain A day without you makes me so empty inside So hollow, so worthless,  its like a part of me has died When we are together, I feel like I’m whole and complete All the happiness that was missing came back in a sweep You make me laugh and I’m a better version of me When… Continue Reading

The Anger, the pain, why is this happening all over again?

Because you are a stupid girl. You never learn. You were hurt. It hurt so bad that you never thought you would recover.  But you did.  You not only recovered, but you fell in love again. Stupid you. Giving your heart up so fast. Stupid you.  Thinking someone understood you.  Stupid you. Believing when they said they would not give up on you.  Fool. Yes. You.  You are the fool.  You believed it. They were… Continue Reading

Dear Mr. Itstime Tomoveon,

Dear Mr. Itstime Tomoveon, I regret to inform you that it really is not a good idea to call someone 10 years after they have broken up with you to ask if they are still mad at you; especially when upon said break up, you stalked them for months and months and made their life so incredibly unpleasant they moved miles away without a forwarding address to get some peace. To be quite honest, I’m… Continue Reading

Didn’t Give Up Living

What did I do wrong? What did I do right? Why did you go and leave me without a fight? We ask all these questions, consuming our brain Our own rabid answers drive us insane We all make mistakes, we all hit the ground But we can’t give up living every time we fall down The voice in our mind that tells us “give in” Is weaker than our own strength from within Why don’t… Continue Reading

Lost My Soul

My heart is bleeding into my soul Look what you did! YOU made that hole You never look at me, always look past I’m not invisible, yet I always come last I am alone everyday, even when you are near My soul aching so badly, it has one huge tear Do you even know me?  Does that matter to you? Do my feeling even count? Do you know what you do? My rumpled body, the… Continue Reading

Empty Soul

The empty soul not knowing where to go Plummeting down to a place so low Lonliness is all around People she cares for no where around Continuous sadness of what used to be Trying to get there but the light unseen. All alone for all are scared Even when happy no one cared An empty house and feelings of dread No one to help, might as well be dead. Everything she does is never enough……… Continue Reading

Player In The Game

You were my hopes, my shining star, my everything You were the one who was going to complete all my dreams But In the middle of the night everything came breaking and crumbling They took you away and there I was. Alone. In shock and stumbling But I stood by your side, for better for worse In sickness and health, I was there, I was your nurse When you shoved me aside to be with… Continue Reading

Picking Up The Pieces

Hate the me that’s there every day The imperfect, insecure, unhappy girl that fucks up in every way Every step, every word misconstrued Trying to help everyone, giving herself,yet negatively viewed She broke down to nothing and began to put all the right things in place But then with one slip fell flat on her face Beginning again, but empty, lonely, and numb inside So misunderstood, wanting to do nothing but hide. Trying to grasp… Continue Reading

New Beginning

Now it’s time to start life anew, To begin a life without you. With you I was so strong, Yet our love was so very wrong. My foundation to lift me high, My fortress to hide me from their eyes. Holding on with all your might, Trying to break free, a constant fight. For once I break free, I am alone Scared because your all I’ve known. The solitude and lonely nights, So difficult, yet… Continue Reading

The Ton of Bricks Have Finally Hit Me

break up

The inital burn. That’s what hurts the most. The “I can’t believe that this is happening, how could he do this to me, what did I do wrong, and why is he being so mean about it” kind of hurt. The “how am I going to move on from this, who is going to be there for me, who is going to snuggle with me, and make me laugh, and watch tv with me and… Continue Reading