Is one type of pain better than another?

Is physical pain better or worse than emotional pain? More like, is CHRONIC physical pain worse than emotional pain? The answer?  Neither is better or worse than the other.  Emotional pain, while it begins mentally, it can absolutely cause physical pain too.  Chronic pain? It starts in episodes, then it just kinda settles in, unpacks it’s bags and puts it’s feet up as you learn to deal with more and more pain.  Emotional pain, does… Continue Reading

The end and yet the beginning

Today I have found myself with some really mixed emotions.  I’m extremely emotional because tomorrow is the last surgical procedure that will be done on my back after a series of procedures the last year.  I had this procedure done on my left side and after the couple weeks of incredible pain during the recovery period, I woke up one day and after almost 3 years of chronic pain, my left side of my back… Continue Reading

“It Will Get Better!” LIARS!!!!!

People try to encourage you and tell you that things will get better. “Once the divorce is finalized, it will get better,” “Once you get over him, it will get better,”  “Once you get approved for disability, things will get better,” they said. REALLY? Because my divorce is finalized, I got over HIM, and I got approved for disability and things just seem to continue to keep crashing downhill.  You think you hit rock bottom,… Continue Reading