AHHHH! It’s a compliment!! HIDE!!!

Does anyone else find it hard or uncomfortable when they receive a compliment?  Like, almost unreal or unbelievable that someone would think that of you?  I have found it increasingly hard to accept a compliment.  For many, many years I battled with low self-esteem and when I finally started to gain it back, I was surrounded by people who knocked me down.  When you are continually put down, it gradually wears on you and breaks… Continue Reading

Back again….

Well, here I am. Back to the place that gave me comfort and solace the last time I felt alone. How lovely it is to have a place that is even better than a best friend. Why is this better? My blog can’t yell back at me! Sure, all of you who read it can, but not directly at me in person.  You can yell at the computer screen all you want, but that only… Continue Reading