How do we let go and say the final goodbye????

We all grieve differently.  This is not news to anyone.  Some of us can walk on about our days like nothing happened while grieving silently inside or somewhere where you are all alone.  Some of us get it all out at once and pick up and move on, while some let it come out gradually, a little here, a little there, but all the while, its inside tearing you apart. Grief. Then there is the dilemma… Continue Reading

Death. The Love Hate Relationship

A major widespread concern these days has been suicide.  I started to think about this because of a book my sister gave me to read and because of events currently in my family.  Not necessarily suicide, but death.  My sister gave me the book  “Life, In Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice” by Kristen Jane Anderson.  The book is a story of a teen in the Chicagoland area that attempts suicide, but… Continue Reading