What Can Cure the Blackest Soul?

Just when I thought that I felt as miserable as I could feel, yesterday came and made me feel a million times worse. I crumbled to pieces as I sat there and listened to misrepresentation galore and a collection of preposterous self-made theories being passed off as truths poured out like Kool-Aid into a child’s glass on a hot summer day. To add insult to injury, past behaviors that I had tried so very hard… Continue Reading

Little Girl with Fairytale Dreams

  Girls, do you remember when you were little, (and by little I mean toddler to grade school and maybe even later, who knows…) and you would have all your daydreams and fantasies that you would act out with your barbies.  Some you might even act out yourself and play dress up.  In those fantasies you were this beautiful princess with this beautiful fluffy and elegant white dress and you were getting married to the… Continue Reading