If pets really sense our feelings, then oopsie!!!!!

They say that pets have this innate sense of knowing how we are feeling.  I truly believe this because my little maltese Prince always runs for cover when he sees me crying.  (Typical male behavior from what I have gathered lol).  Whenever there would be an argument in the house, and even though the golden retriever is his dog, both dogs camp out right next to me during the tiff (or battle…potayto, potahtoe) and stay… Continue Reading

Love, Emotions, I hate feeling emotions…

(Excerpts from the journals of the Bipolar Hot Mess. All names have been changed for privacy.) Why do you love someone?  Love is such a weird emotion to me. I hate the fact that my mind and body have the ability to love people.  Actually, on second thought, I hate having a lot of other emotions and feelings.  I mean, love isn’t the only emotion. I hate feeling sad, or mad, or upset and let’s… Continue Reading