Fake A** Peeps … Letting Go of “Dead Weight” .. another step toward moving on

I think we all encounter a few types of people in our lives that fit into some specific categories that if not handled the right way, can really affect our lives in a negative way. However, what type of person WE are and how we handle each type of person, makes a huge difference. It can make or break a situation. Take me for example. I’m the person who has to “fix” everybody and make… Continue Reading

Ahh yes. I forgot. I’m Really A Doormat!!!!

Ever feel like a doormat? Like everyone is trampling all over you, using you to wipe their wet shoes, stompin off the snow, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, someone comes wiping nasty shit all over you. Well, today is the day ladies (and gentlemen if this applies. I am not gender discriminate!) to declare what your doormat slogan is and to stick to it! No more: “Welcome!” or “Come on… Continue Reading

Living Wills and Living Won’ts

Another look back at the past and I touched upon this gem. Reviewing my daily calendar (who has been quite neglected and was left at July 9), it gave me an idea. The Bad Girls Rage A Day Daily Calendar summarized their living wills in today’s calendar entry: I will tell you how your butt really looks in those, I will laugh loudly at your dorky jokes so people think you’re funny. Their living won’ts: I won’t… Continue Reading

Party Girl

I went to a party What did I see? This one lonely girl Staring back at me. Her shoes were clean Not one speck of dirt She had boot cut jeans And a nice preppy shirt I looked at her hair As it surrounded her face She looked up and smiled quickly Then hung her head in disgrace. Why was she alone? I didn’t understand When all of a sudden Someone grabbed my hand “Don’t… Continue Reading

The Price of a Small Town……….

I was born in a small town.  A small suburb just outside of Chicago.  A town where everyone goes to school with the same kids from kindergarten all the way through high school.  A town where everyone knows everyone, knows their business, knows their secrets, and can’t tell if anything is fact or fiction. Therein the problem lies.  LIES.  No one can tell if anything is fact or fiction, so instead of trying to find… Continue Reading

The Social Idiot

So, I’m supposed to be the social media guru. I mean, I have my own blog, I blog for 2 different organizations, I’m on Twitter, and Facebook, and all over the social media blogosphere.  I shouldn’t have any issues being social right?????   WRONG!!!!  DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have now become so reliant on the computer and my phone, that I think I have lost all sense and my ability at reading social interactions in person.   Do… Continue Reading

Even The Hot Mess Doesn’t Have All the Answers

Yes folks. Its true.  I really don’t have all the answers.  If I did, I probably would know why people think that insulting and hurting other people because you feel poorly about yourself is acceptable.  Especially when its the ones you love.  If I had all the answers I would know why people who are completely selfish walk around saying that everybody else is the selfish one.  I would also know why it hurts so… Continue Reading